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pr0n.works is an archive of looped text animations converted from pr0n-movies. Looks like gifs but is actually text. Made by Andrew J Levine and Pat Shiu.

Lady Hanka says: quality makes the difference! From ProSieben’s teletext.

Naked PETSCII bouncings by Max Capacity, 2011.

LetraTime, a German magazine from 1975. This cover won ITC’s first Upper and Lower Case International Typographics Competition.

More info. h/t: Tim Koch

Dicky ASCII emoticons via Laura Brown.

By Mario Duran (on Tumblr).

Finnish lesbo-seksiä ad on teletext.

Finnish teletext ad. Find love with the phone!

Finnish teletext ad.

PETSCII posted by Juegos Eroticos, 2015.