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ASCII-style typewriter art in a 1944 ad for correspondence schools. From here, via ascii-art

Standard 5-Level Teletype code common throughout the 20th century. Here is the Morkrum/Teletype encoding, presented with military thoroughness in the 1940s

Chinese (?) typewriter work from 1948: Portrait of Mother (Mrs.Yang).

via ASCII art.

Lena Bergner-Meyer
(Coburg, Germany 1906 – 1981 Baden Soden, Germany)
Weaving Technique: K (Six Weaving Designs), 1943 Drawing. Via.

gula trädet (the yellow tree), Marianne Richter 1945

Coloredo by Quercetti (1946), a pegboard with its famous multicoloured mushroom-shaped pegs.
The game was inspired by an old French compositional game made of a perforated carton board and a bunch of wooden sticks with colourful wax tops.

By Charles R Cannoni, from here.

Romeo and Juliet by Charles R Cannoni, from here.

Art typing by Charles R Cannoni, 1930s and 1940s. Pics by reesocles.

Cover from the book Art Typing by Julius Nelson 1940.
More info here. Pic by Janine Vangool.