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The Sim by Paraplayer
[THESIM.ZZT] – $Mirror Image Games
Download thesim.zip
Play on Archive.org

DOS game from 2002, made in ZZT.

An obscure little program in German to convert images into text, using the words of your choice. It seems to be called RUTVIEW and you can download it here.

ASCII Winamp skin by Jerm123321, 2005.

Good shading in this ASCII-conversion by Loxosceles in 2001.

Drawing with HTML, from this 2007 YouTube-clip with a fitting soundtrack.

From the game asciijump, by

Grzegorz Moskal and others, 2003. via

It has three play modes, World Cup, Training, and network games. In World Cup, it has players like Erykah Badu, Charlie Parker, Thom York, and Bjrök, all musicians that I do not understand.


Beck – Black Tambourine

…from 2004, full video here.

By fence-post, 2007.

The same web page displayed in different browsers. The so called Acid2 test checks the browser’s support for eg Unicode, HTML and CSS. All these are failed attempts.

Do you pass the Acid2 test?

Badly compressed JPG2ASCII-conversion by Stevendkay.