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Screens from the Chinese BBS Lilac, 2013. Screenshot by fcambus. h/t NO CARRIER.

Street art by Pejac, via collosal

ASCII and typewriter works by ty.p0, 2017-2022.

Snippets from Masanobu Hiraoka’s video for Titanium 2 Step by Battles, 2019. Full video here.

In Utero, by David Černý, 2013. Photos from here.

Time++, an installation by Ravenkwok at Xinzhuang Integrated Transport Hub in Shanghai, 2020.

PETSCII in 3D by PET.CORP at Offlimits, Hong Kong. Full video here

ASCII art cover by Super Quiet for Groove magazine, 2017.

ANSI by Filth of Blocktronics, via sixteencolors.