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Made by Leo, 2021-2023.

ASCII Moiré Explorer, by Andreas Gysin 2020. Real-time version and code available here.

Most ASCII-converters work with blocks, but this one focuses on lines and structures. It was made by Xuemiao Xu, Linling Zhang and Tien-Tsin Wong in 2010. The comparison at the end is between an artist’s work (a) and their software (b). More info and images here.

ASCII skulls by Vagon Parovoz (from Tumblr).

Sonya Rapoport’s Shoe Field exhibition (1982/85/89). 76 people’s feelings about their shoes plotted on a huge ASCII map, constructed with physics software. The circles on the floor are also visualizations of shoe feeelings. Video documentation and more at her website. Also see Artsy and a very interesting article at artinprint.

h/t: ailadi