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Various works from utf8art.com. More Japanese Shift-JIS works also here.

Calbee launched a new snack in April with ASCII art on the cover. Promoted with absurd videos like this, about sending W’s to the world and make them happy? More here.

h/t akaobi

2 channel, the biggest forum in Japan, is changing its rules so users have started migrating to Reddit. Hopefullt that means more Japanese ASCII art like these, taken from a Google-translate powered thread here.

More Japanese Shift-JIS ASCII art here.

Triple this.

Monā (モナー) is one of the most popular ASCII characters. Along with e.g. Giko Cat, Soy Sauce Warrior Kikkoman and Pedo Bear, he appeared at 2channel.

The character is often accompanied with certain catchphrases popular on the site, such as omae mona! (“I know you are, but what am I?”) and kimee! (“Gross!”). Mona is the collective property of the 2channelers—no single person owns the copyright. But when music label Avex tried to commercialize Nomaneko products, 2channelers fought back with everything from legalistic nitpicking to death threats

Unlike Giko Neko, Monā has been entirely created on 2channel from a troll thread. In it, some user constructed the Monā character with his keyboard and had him say a standard complaint about Internet forums: “You people have too much free time”. The first post following up to this simply copied and pasted the artwork and said, “You too!”

Zonu Train and a bus.