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Cone mosaic in Uruk, Mesopotamia, 3000 BC.


The South Asian copper plates of Kollam, from year 849. More info.

Image from here, via iLKke.

Hebrew ASCII from the 1200s. Or micrography, as it’s also called.

On this page, the scribe has identified himself as Eliezer son of Samuel by creating a calligram in the shape of the letters of his own name. The calligram (lines of text of unequal length written in parallel rows and forming a design) is a continuation of the text of the previous page concerning the laws of the holiday of Sukkot.


Los Prismos Basálticos, Mexico. Nature goes blocky.



So exciting – standing on #mosaic #tiles circa AD79 at #Pompeii – #tessellation #fromwhereistand #history #feet #toes #italia (at Pompeii, Italia)

Devils Postpile, USA. Nature’s own hexagonal tessellations, square blocks and straight pillars.

Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Although humans are arguably the most digital animal, sometimes nature does some very square & hexagonal things..


Four of Six plates on a Sami i.e. Laplander Runic Calendar. The Calendar is carved in reindeer horn. Eiríkr Magnússon suggests a date between 1230 – 1391 CE for the prototype of this particular calendar.

Woodcut – Graphic poem 1503.

Bedcover from 1219 (Sweden), via.