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The disk directory of the

_| ̄|○ C64 music disk, and a file listing at Antidote BBS where it was first uploaded. More GIFs here, video here, music here.

Ad for Cheese Line, a Swiss Amiga BBS. Sort of looks like a Figlet font.

_| ̄|○ is 4 bass/ambient songs with reactive PETSCII-visuals – in just 14 kilobytes! Runs on Commodore 64. Check the video here, get the songs at Bandcamp, or download the original file at Antidote, the longest running C64 BBS in the world.

Made by Goto80, 4mat and iLKke.

Monterey BBS on an Amiga 2000. Logo designed by H7/Divine Stylers.

via koney-scanlines

CloneWorld BBS, 1988. 

This is the welcome screen for the late Mike Cohen’s Cloneworld BBS in Matawan NJ. It was heavily animated, upon logging into the BBS it was completely drawn from the bottom up using ANSI animation starting with a black screen. The text (Welcome to Cloneworld etc) was drawn last, swooping in from the lower right and swirling around the screen until it landed as seen here. Our BBSes were local phone calls to each other, and Mike and I became good friends and spent a lot of time on the phone discussing BBSing, computers, and cars. 


ALF – Amiga Line Freaks BBS, 1993.

“Packers/Crunchers, Copy, Cyberpunk”, via

Aeroholics Amiga ASCII-logo by Zorro/Up Rough for The Yard BBS, 2009.


System Shock. Amiga BBS, 1997. source

Various Commodore 64/128 BBS-software from the 80s and 90s.


All American BBS – a software to run your own bulletin board. The American way! It’s still in use, for example at Borderline BBS.

More info. Images from here.