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From a 1975 book called Happenting on Travel On, written by Carole Spearin McCauley. Features computer generated text, text graphics, source code, etc. via James Ryan

Book cover design by Walter Breker, 1960. Unusual style compared to other text graphics at the time, somewhere inbetween typewriter art and typography perhaps.

via design-is-fine:

Walter Breker, cover artwork for the book Reisebericht. Aluminium in der Architektur der USA, 1960. Düsseldorf, Aluminium-Verlag. Via Shuij Fukuda / pinterest 

Book with all 109,242 characters of Unicode 6.0. It’s 656 pages, made in 2011 by Johannes Bergerhausen & Siri Poarangan for the decodeunicode project. 

The book uses 66 different fonts since there is no font that supports all Unicode characters. Images from here and here.