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Two Amiga ASCIIs and a Crystal logo with a custom font (and drop shadow) , by Sim1.

If you delete all fonts in XP, you’re greeted with nonsense like this afterwards.

Dingbats are forever. via WinWorld

The font of the portable TRS-80 Model 100 (1983).

Terminal Rain, a textmode game with a custom font, developed by Jackson Lango.

Tim Koch’s custom charset animations.

Four fonts: AT&T 3B2, a Compaq Portable III, a LED scrolling sign, and a Waters 600E pump controller. Extracted by fuckyeahfortran , via.

Videotex character sets 1983, 1987, 1993. Seems like these would have required hi-res or vector fonts?

African 8-bit ASCII, or more correctly: ISO 6438, first registerred in 1979. This was based on a Western attempt to create a phonetic alphabet for many African languages. ISO 6438 was rarely used.

The ATASCII font, used in Atari’s 8-bit computers.

ArmSCII: Armenian ASCII, formally defined in 1997.