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Computer monsters’ by Stephen Manes and Paul Somerson (1984), via auntiepixelante.com.

From the book ’Computer Space Adventures’ by Paul Somerson and Stephen Manes (1984). Via auntiepixelante.com.


Live Type in PETSCII animation on Commodore 64 by Raquel Meyers.
Track: Tacocat – Crimson Wave | Hardly Art Records

 #Vol2 Hits With Tits  in PETSCII-O-Rama

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Two articles on PETSCII graphics for PlayNET, the American online service that later became AOL. A man pushing a sign, and a shamrock. OUTSTANDING! Also – seems like smilies were pretty established at that time.. 

From the Behind the Screens magazine, 1986 and 1987.

Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends Show, with PlayNET – an American online system for Commodore 64. PlayNET was the first service of its kind and later spawned both Quantum Link and AOL. 

Original video

h/t: Tim Koch

Fuck My Account (2011)
A jam session with Raquel Meyers and Goto80. C64 with live audio effects, VHS, video mixer, etc.