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Style n Go 3.0 by Skin (1994)

Chistoria pewnego pE ce-tofca (Blommer / Pentagram, 1996).
Watch full demo here.

The Accident [2014] by AcidT*

The First Ball [2013] by Fit. Released at ZOO 2013.
Watch the full demo here.

Yarr! [2014] by Redcrab

Fist of Trade [2014] by Hack n’ Trade. C64 demo by Mathman, Goto80 and AcidT*. Watch the full demo here.

Entries for the Floppy 2005 PETSCII (C/G) competition

H-ppy Ll-m-t-n-!
F-r DATA$ToRM l-v-rs

Unreversable by Masters of of Electric City, 2013. 

Atari ST demo in 96 kilobytes with lots of ASCII, but technically not textmode. youtube.

The Quilabot [2013] by Dr. TerrorZ