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Can a font be reworked with less than 128 bytes? Here are three examples from the well obscure 128b font compo. Made by Jammer, Mahoney and Jiminy.

Two Amiga ASCIIs and a Crystal logo with a custom font (and drop shadow) , by Sim1.

If you delete all fonts in XP, you’re greeted with nonsense like this afterwards.

Dingbats are forever. via WinWorld

Four fonts: AT&T 3B2, a Compaq Portable III, a LED scrolling sign, and a Waters 600E pump controller. Extracted by fuckyeahfortran , via.

Videotex character sets 1983, 1987, 1993. Seems like these would have required hi-res or vector fonts?

Ray Manta has started to work with custom character sets on the C64. Technically speaking (character encoding) this is all PETSCII, but…

Images from here and here.


An experiment showing Helvetica rendered in PETSCII characters.
Moving the base image reveals clearer ways of rendering each glyph.

FatFonts Player is an easy way to generate flows of mathematical shapes, made with FatFonts. Fat fonts make higher numbers more bold. So it sort of rejoins the numeric with the visual.