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Battle Tech Story. DOS-game from 1997.

WAKK, a DOS-game by Meantee, 2003.

Walter’s Quest I, a DOS-game by Caspar, 2005.

From the DOS-game Mooseka Rules with an Iron Fist, made by Dr. Dos in 2004.

#darkdigital: the sim, a DOS-game from 1999. Playable on archive.org.

Text-mode screens from Dragon Attack, a game for Amstrad CPC, 2016. Graphics by Harris Kladis.

h/t Tim Koch


Idiot Police by SPAZM0016/Dr. Dos
[Idiotpd.zzt] – Title screen
Download ipd.zip

From Granny’s Garden, a C64-game from 1987.

From the game asciijump, by

Grzegorz Moskal and others, 2003. via

It has three play modes, World Cup, Training, and network games. In World Cup, it has players like Erykah Badu, Charlie Parker, Thom York, and Bjrök, all musicians that I do not understand.

Text-mode Tetris controlled with a phone: La rhétorique peut casser des briques by Florent Deloison. Showing now in at the Festilab Frankenstein Media Festival in Avignon, France. Video.