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By Mario Duran (on Tumblr).

Vinyl player in ASCII, by ascii-akr.

A colourful ASCII-gif in a Bandcamp blog post.

PETSCII works from the workshop ‘Make Visuals with a Commodore 64’ by Raquel Meyers at BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (Norway).
Check more animations here.


Raquel Meyers  


ASCII scan from the Sci-Fi movie The Andromeda Strain (1971) by Robert Wise

Park Avenue (teletext soap) at ORACLE Teletext ITV p126 (1988-1991), created by Robbie Burns. Via.

Thread of fate. Choose your destiny with a #teletext page!
A solo performance by raquel meyers.
“Analog-Epilog” Musrara Mix #14 Festival, 20th-22th may 2014.

Fist of Trade [2014] by Hack n’ Trade. C64 demo by Mathman, Goto80 and AcidT*. Watch the full demo here.