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International Teletext Art Festival ITAF 2014 Prize results!
Dan Farrimond (UK) is the winner of the Teletext Art Prize with his series of five images “TXT Punk: An Alternative History of Teletext”.
Check his tumblr http://ift.tt/1qEpEJ7
The jury decided also to give the first ever Teletetxt Art Achievement Award to artist Raquel Meyers (SWE).
Honorary mentions go to Amanda Siegel, Kim Asendorf and Francis Hunger. 

#itaf14  Teletext Pop-up-Galerie auf der #IFA 2014 in der ARD-Halle 2.2, via


#itaf14 Oh, wow… @RaquelMeyers

The Mountain is burning
von Filomena
artwork by RaquelMeyers

ITAF in the House Teletext art is in your house right now – we want your impression of it. Send us your pictures for “ITAF in the House”, the International Teletextart Festival (ITAF) in your home. You can upload your pictures here – > itaf2014.tumblr.com Find out more about it:



“ITAF in MuseumsQuartier Wien”

Julia Gessl

The International Teletextart Festival ITAF 2014 takes place in a teletext near you (FRA, GER, AUT, CHE) – 14.8.-14.9.2014


INTERNATIONAL TELETEXT ART FESTIVAL ITAF2014  in ARD Text (p.850 ->), ORF TELETEXT and ORF III Teletext (p. 470 ->), SWISS TELETEXT (p.750 ->) and arte Teletext (p.700 ->)
14th august -14th September 2014
participating artists:
Nadine Arbeiter, Kim Asendorf, Michaël Borras a.k.a Systaime, Max Capacity, Paul B. Davis, Maria Duncker, Dragan Espenschied, Dan Farrimond, Kathrin Günter, Anne Horel, Brendan Howell, Francis Hunger, Juha van Ingen, Marc Lee, Jürg Lehn, LIA, Raquel Meyers, Erkka Nissinen, Rich Oglesby, Seppo Renvall, Alex Rich, Jarkko Räsänen, Amanda Siegel and Kari Yli-Annala