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Pages from Ben Nicholson’s sketchbook (2005): Labyrinths, France 13th century and Meander folding, 8th cent. Greek Geometric Vase. Thanks to bitcraft lab for the tip.

From the movie The Final Programme (1973) by Robert Fuest.

Peter Struycken

SPLASH 1972/1974
internet link

HABA Pattern Mosaic toy

Mordvalaisten pukuja kuoseja (1896).
A book of traditional Mordvin costume patterns (Russia). Via

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
Theory of Relativity , Protocol Sentences and Memory Matrix (1967)

TRIUMPH MOSAIC – Antique German Clay Marble Game – 1930s from here


Appearance Of Crosses by Ding Li 

Continual painting series by Shanghai artist creates abstract colourful grids using the cross as his motif mark unit. He has been making these paintings for 20 years and is considered one of the most important abstract artists working in China today.

More can be discovered at ShangART Gallery website here

Hammerons by Pressman, a building set from1960s, via.

Polka Doodles peg board toy by the Lisbeth Whiting Company circa 1965.