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Memorial made with typographic ornament, 1870s or 80s. Apparently, this is called a typotecture by some historians (type + architecture). via

Spread by Dorothy Yule in Upper & Lowercase Magazine Vol 2, No. 4, 1975. via

Works by Rolf Harder and Ernst Roch published between 1963 and 1989. Images via Design Reviewed, MOMA, AGI, Kind Company and Graphis.


Emoticon-like characters in The Humboldt Union, Kansas, May 14, 1881. via Yesterday’s Print.

More 1800s emoticons here,


Plotted textmode graphics (modified PETSCII) by Lykerex, 2024.

Works by Ikko Tanaka, early 1980’s. via Design Reviewed.

By Steve McCaffery, from one of his CARNIVAL books, made some time between 1967-1975. Found here. More here.

Ad campaign by thjnk for the German teletext service ARDText when it celebrated 33 years in 2014. They also made teletexttheworld.com that converted uploaded photos to teletext graphics.

More images in an older post.

ASCII Art Archive by Jiyoung Kim, 2023. Illustrates the most searched questions for 2022 with ASCII art by AsH / BoD / bug (Blazej Kozlowski) / cgmm / Colin Douthwaite / dp (David Palmer) / ejm97 / Grp / hectoras / hh / hjw (Hayley Jane Wakenshaw) / jgs (Joan Stark) / joil’99 / LGB (lgbeard) / LS (Lennert Stock) / mx (myflix) / Normand Veilleux / pjb (Peter Bier) / pb / Shimrod / Snd (Shanaka Dias) / SSt (Sebastian Stöcker) / Susie Oviatt / S@yaN / Tua Xiong / TwelveStepJesus / Valkyrie / VK (Veronica Karlsson).

From Sieben Theile Wohlriechender Lebens-Früchte by Georg Weber, 1649. Pattern poetry like this was very common in Germany at the time, but it was unusual to collect several ones in one publication. Also see this.