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From the Isfahan Royal Mosque in Iran, built in the 1600s. It’s on UNESCO’s list of world heritages. 

These two images show the same text, afaik The top one is a square kufi. More info here. Made by Wan Lutfi.

Square kufic dating back to 1433!

via kufikufi.

Square kufic by Hassan Massoudy, 1981. 

via Visual Arabic

Square kufic (text) from the Friday Mosque of Herat, first built in 1200. Pics from here.

Poster for photo exhibition The Implosive Mosaic by Neil Hester in Copenhagen, 1996. Looks like a kufic script in the bottom…?

From the 1600s – the Topkapi Scoll covers geometry, architecture and ornamentation. More here.

In 1876 these patterns were bought from Tehran to be used for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. These square kufic, and the ones at the bottom symbolize Ali, Muhammad and Ali. Each written four times.

More at kufic.info

This pattern repeats Muhammed over and over, and was made in 1275 for the  Cifte minaret in in Sivas, Turkey. More here.