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ASCII graffiti animation by Goto80. More here.

Cash is Queen and The Change (Saturday Night Fever Version) by Casper Johansson, 2013. Made with rubber stamps.

From the C64-demo Nothing but PETSCII by Genesis Project (with graphics by redcrab). Full video here.

ASCII-graffiti by Goto80. Full video here.

Detail from an ANSI by BYM, release in Acid Trip 2013.

Vladijenk II by Ceephax Acid Crew. PETSCII-video by Raquel Meyers, typing character by character.

Want H.P. Lovecraft in PETSCII textmode as books and t-shirts? Here’s Raquel Meyers’ Kickstarter.

Fingers of Doom – a small risograph-printed PETSCII booklet by Raquel Meyers. Available here.

Kids in Malmö going wild to Game Over, a PETSCII-fuelled theater performance by Raquel Meyers, Banditsagor and Henrik Bromander.

ASCII-graffiti by Goto80. Made with the Amiga-font mO‘sOul. More here.