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Zoologischer Garten U Bhan, Berlin

Ceramic tile pavement design from Higham Ferreers, Northamptonshire, produced in 1340. Via

Patchwork quilt design produced in the 1870s by Unknown

Marylee McMurray Lament, Music in Elementary Education: Enjoy, Experience and Learn (1976). Via.

Lisbon’s small polished stones by Esther Schulze-Tsatsas (2012).
Photos by Dimitrios Tsatsas.

Fish Grids forever! By Jo Edkins.

‘Counter-Composition’ by Theo van Doesburg (1925)


Mary Martin

Permutation, 1965

Pen and ink on paper

Works by Siggi Eggertsson. He’s been working with this textmodey illustration style for about a decade. Plenty more at Siggi Eggertsson dottt com

Design a tessellation online! Nice tool not only for squares but triangles, hexagons, diamonds and even a confusing Escher-style. These examples made by Hans Dieter Tuggummi. Try it out

There are many more ways of tiling. Check out wiki-wiki-wiki.