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His nimble fingers are the keybars of his typewriter. :-)

(via Modern Mechanix)

Typewriter gloves, 1935.

The Monotype (1890) that seems to have been used for text graphics.

Teletext adaptors for the Amstrad CPC, via.

Kana keyboard for the Commodore PET, from Wikipedia.

PETSCII-version of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures cover art. Made by @vectorpoem in his own program EDSCII, which supports ASCII, ANSI, PETSCII, ATASCII and more.

The 1800s Jacquard looms and its punched cards. Images from around the interwebz.

Monodraw – an ASCII-editor for the Mac under development. It’s presented primarily as a way to model ideas and structures, rather than making art.

Monodraw allows you to easily create text-based art – like diagrams, layouts, flow charts and visually represent algorithms, data structures, binary formats and more. 

sourceh/t: prostheticknowledge. (and yes, technically it’s Unicode and not ASCII)

“Your moving message here”

Mastervideo MCT 3201 video titler aka character generator. source

Videonics Video Titlemaker 2000.

Hypnotic demonstration video from 1992