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A study from 1934 on how kids used the typewriter, and how it changed the classrom. Source. h/t: Marcin Wichary, whose forthcoming book about keyboards might interest you.


The Washington Times, Washington DC, October 31, 1922

Russian typewriter art from the 1930′s made by Elena Rebinder, who was married with the famous chemist Piotr Rebinder. Scanned by Prozhito. h/t: Gleb Albert.

Typewriter works by Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, mostly from the 1980s. More of her work here.

Typewritten works by Petra Schulze-Wollgast.

Typewriter art by Arno Beck. Geek Mythology.

Winners in the Chicago Tribune’s typewriter competitions held in 1895. Found by James Ryan.

Flora Stacey’s typewriter works, published in 1897 but likely made even earlier. From James Ryan’s thread on the history of typewriter art.

Typewriter art by Frederick Carles, 1895. Forgotten pioneer work found by James Ryan.

Typewriter works by Jürgen O. Olbrich shown now at Dokumenta in Kassel. Photos by Jacob Remin.