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The Winfield Daily Free Press, Kansas, April 18, 1904


Frederick Hammersley, A Good Line is Hard to Beat, 1969, L. A. Louver, Venice, CA / Frederick Hammersley Foundation

ASCII art by Frederick Hammersley, 1969. Made on an IBM-computer (which used EBCDIC and not ASCII encoding), and:

The alphanumeric characters we could ‘draw’ with were: the alphabet, ten numerals and eleven symbols, such as periods, dashes, slashes, etc….

h/t: Robert Doerfler

Improved wand effects in Stone Story RPG by Martian Rex.

Crop circles in Kansas, 2001. See hi-res image at NASA’s site.

Marilyn Monroe flip book made with barcodes from DVDs of her movies, by Scott Blake 2012. Video here, GIF here.

ASCII skull by weinventyou.


The Washington Times, Washington DC, October 31, 1922

“A dude”, 1886. Published in the poetry section of the January issue of The Undergraduate, Middlebury’s newspaper. Source, via.