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Submitted by Willgallia:

Drawing portraits of Mathematicians with space filling curves. (Some are only discrete space filling).
The final drawings looks like the image below.

Thanks for the submission, Will Gallia! These are amazing!!! For those of you who don’t know what space filling curves are, I wrote a post about them a while back

To see more of Will Gallia’s cool drawings, click here. :D


Goggles with ASCII-filter. Made in 2007 by Alexei Shulgin, one of the first net artists in the 1990’s.

Watch the video here

Spanish #teletext‬ advertising from Telecinco (TVE, 1988)
Thnks Pablo Lajo / Serie B.

The Teletext Babez video, with χχχ teletext pages from german cable TV collected by Dragan Espenschied and χχχ tune by Bodenständig 2000. It was broadcasted for the first time on October 6th 2001 on P.A.R.K. 4DTV Amsterdam.