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Teletext festival breathes life into old tech, article on BBC news about the Berlin’s International Teletext Art Festival (august, 2014).

participating artists: Nadine Arbeiter, Kim Asendorf, Michaël Borras a.k.a Systaime, Emma Davidson, Paul B. Davis, Dan Farrimond, Anne Horel, Brendan Howell, Francis Hunger, Jürg Lehn, LIA, Raquel Meyers, Daniel Rehn, Alex Rich
Artists from FixC cooperative out of competition: Juha van Ingen, Erkka Nissinen, Seppo Renvall, Jarkko Räsänen and Kari Yli Annala

Telesoftwaredownloaded from teletext to your own computer. BBC regularly offered new software for a couple of years, up until 1989.

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Screens from Granny’s Garden (BBC Micro, 1983). It appears to be completely in teletext, which the BBC Micro supported.

A teletext game for the BBC Micro called Flowers of Crystal (1984). Great intro!