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Elektronika MK-85 (1986) character set. The first Soviet calculator with microcomputer “BASIC” programming language. It was almost exact copy of the Casio FX-700P.

GALAKSIJA computer character set.
Designed by Voja Antonic (Yugoslavia, 1983).

Dancing demon video in Galaksija

Check µGALAKSIJA, a Single-Chip remake of the Galaksija computer.

Sinclair ZX81 (1981) character set, via.

Casio FX-700P Programmable Calculator (1982) Character set.

Sinclair ZX80 home computer (1980) character set.

Build your own teletext decoder published by ETI (Electronics Today International) magazine in July 1979. From here.

The C64 however, was capable of automating the entire knitting process thanks to a system called CAPS (made by Empisal in Germany).

The setup consisted of the C64 (of course!), an Empisal 550/560 knitting machine and the CAPS interface. The process of knitting your favorite jumper consisted of designing a series of patterns on the C64 which you could then save to disk and combine with other patterns to create a larger image. Source

Mattel Aquarius (1983) character graphics set.

 电脑讨论区一 BY Gatchaman (2011).