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Cascade (1987) is an early virus with the interesting payload of causing characters to fall to the bottom of the screen.

Toadie virus (1999).
A relocating virus-worm. It is encrypted and non-memory resident. This virus was posted to several newsgroups as a cell phone cloning application on 15th of August 1999. The virus was in CELLCRK.ZIP file. When the CELLCRK.EXE program that was inside that ZIP is run it displays a rhyme and a copyright string of Symantec.

Virus by Spanska (1997):

1120.B virus.

To Carl Sagan, poet and scientist,this little Cosmos.

Elvira virus displays a moving message, similary to text in the beginning of the movie Star Wars with one of the following texts:

Black and White Girl from Paris
You make me feel alive.
Pars. Reviens. Respire.
Puis repars.
J’aime ton mouvement.
Bruja con ojos verdes
Eres un grito de vida,
un canto de libertad.

Olivia virus (1997).
It activates on the 10th of April and the 23rd of December. On these dates it will open the CD-ROM drive of the machine, ask the user to insert a music CD and then it starts to play the CD. After this the virus overwrites the beginning of the hard drive and displays a message in Taiwanese. After this the machine freezes, with music still playing.