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From the game asciijump, by

Grzegorz Moskal and others, 2003. via

It has three play modes, World Cup, Training, and network games. In World Cup, it has players like Erykah Badu, Charlie Parker, Thom York, and Bjrök, all musicians that I do not understand.

Olympic games stamps by Kohei Sugiura 1972. via

ASCII-WM 2006 was a live ASCII-broadcast of the world cup in soccer. It was accessed about 15 million times – only via telnet. Apart from converting video to ASCII, it used the live commentary from Austrian TV, translated it to English with Babelfish, and put it in the stream.

The final matches were broadcast on local TV in Vienna with a speech synthesis reading the babelfishy commentary (see bottom image).

All pics via ascii-wm.net