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Dispatchwork, a cityscape lego repair project around the world.
Check their manifesto here.

By Flix, Venezuela 2013.

Embroided fences by Tina Frausin, via Margaret Montreux.

By Flix, Venezuela 2013.

Kommando Slöjd at kulturlagret (Göteborg).

La guerrilla de ganchillo (Carmel, 2013), via Duduá.

Pato mudo by Pedrita. Tile panel for Projecto Travessa da Ermida
Lisboa, 2012.

The red rabbit by Miss Cross Stitch (Volksgarten, Cologne).

Tape on fence: Sleeping Beauty, Göran Johansson and Christer Pettersson. By Cuadrigula, who we also featured here and here.

L’Atlas, a French (street) artist. Seems heavily inspired by arabic text, compasses and labyrinths. A fine choice!

More L’Atlas
More kufic style