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Wind display – painted plastic plates blowing in the wind. Made by Dušan Váňa in 2015. h/t: Ailadi

Segment displays. 7, 9, 12 (the car stereo with Baker Street) and 16. All images from Wikipedia.

Typographic Abstracts by Andrew Hurle, 2000. 

The series below have been typeset, then reduced to create a low magnification, screen impression. They represent an extreme approximation of the ASCII figures as they have been abbreviated within a short serial edition: photo > text > screen > print. At this end of this series, the figures become completely abstract, depicting line and paragraph blocks rather than individual letter shapes.

Eighteen Types by Andrew Hurle. Photos of Tokyo bar girls converted to ASCII, and mangled. See the full collection on the artist’s website.

Each of these two women are represented as an ASCII image set in nine different typefaces and has been magnified from an image captured from the computer screen.