Sneakers Stitch. Delaware, 2005.

Wiphala of Qulla Suyu, co-official flag of Bolivia since 2009, via. Thanks to Leonard Paul for the tip.

@  Anti-Air asciimation by Steve, 2006.

Teletext works by Dan Farrimond (illarterate) for Mistigris’ new collection.

The website of the design agency ertdfgcvb.

VBS/VBSWG-Z, Visual Basic Script worm (2001). The Mawanella worm, named after a Muslim village, is yet another illustration of virus writers using malicious code as a political platform. Source.

fU.redray by chemical.reaction.foie.gras.artpack-cro (detail)
Full size here

Typographic Abstracts by Andrew Hurle, 2000. 

The series below have been typeset, then reduced to create a low magnification, screen impression. They represent an extreme approximation of the ASCII figures as they have been abbreviated within a short serial edition: photo > text > screen > print. At this end of this series, the figures become completely abstract, depicting line and paragraph blocks rather than individual letter shapes.

Edwin Morgan, typewriter poetry from the 1960s.

Televerkets Datavision and Videotex screens from the 80s (Sweden).
They were printed on a Shinwa CPA80.

Sailor Neptune

ASCII-graffiti by Goto80. Made with the Amiga-font mO‘sOul. More here.

Detail from an ANSI-work by Luciano and Rad Man in Block n Roll by Blocktronics.

The disk directory of the

_| ̄|○ C64 music disk, and a file listing at Antidote BBS where it was first uploaded. More GIFs here, video here, music here.




want fame?

Crocheted bags (aka mochilas) by the Wayuu people in Colombia & Venezuela.