Waldemar Cordeiro, one of the first computer artists in South America. Not all textmode, but it’s all about appearance, innit?

The woman who is not B.B., 1971. source

Retrato de Fabiana, 1970. source source

uma imagem (?), 1969. source

Phantom virus (1994)

Congradulations!!! Your computer is now infected with a high performance PHANTOM virus! Coming soon: next virii based on the _C00LEST_ mutation engine all over the world: the Advanced Polymorphic Engine! Enjoy this intro! (C) 1994 by Dark Prince.

More keira rathbone.

By CTRL+C & CTRL+V (2006)

By  CTRL+C & CTRL+V (2007)

BBS ad by Black Spyrit (iCE)

Rosemarie Trockel (1980s), via.

Typewriter works by Lee Etheredge IV. Wonder how long these took to make…

Andrew Rosinski 6/5/12

 Rakeru & Sharuru (PreCure Dokidoki!)

Christian Morgenstern: ”Fisches Nachtgesang”
In: Galgenlieder, 1905.

Isidro Ferrer.

By Max Capacity

Kasumi character from Super Real Mahjong PII (1988) / MZ-700, via

DATA SPY GAME / 平隆司氏, via

Various blue music software for DOS: Composer 669 (1992), Multitracker (1993), HSC Tracker (1994), Surprise Adlib Tracker (1995).


Baybayin Script
Ancient pre-colonial 
Philippine writing system
13th–19th Century


Hypnotist by an unknown artist.

 蛋糕 BY wengee (2011).

Various works by MuirMcNeil. More at their internet website.