Style n Go 3.0 by Skin (1994)

#itaf14  Teletext Pop-up-Galerie auf der #IFA 2014 in der ARD-Halle 2.2, via

Ball Hair. A release group. This is from an nfo-file from a recent release of theirs.

Typography works by LIU DAKAI. Thanks to prosthetic knowledge for the tip.

By Juan Cotzal.

Screens from Granny’s Garden (BBC Micro, 1983). It appears to be completely in teletext, which the BBC Micro supported.

Poly Kicks ASCII t-shirt, designed by Heikki Lotvonen. Available here.

Bob Neill’s Book of Typewriter Art (1982), via Lori Emerson.
With a computer programme to enable some of the pictures to be produced on a home computer (such as the Commodore PET) using the BASIC computer language.

Karl Kempton & Loris Essary

Weaving Sample Warps by Judie Eatough (2006)

By mic, via.

RP virus (1996) RP activates on the 17th of December. When the machine is booted on that date, the virus decrypts a message, switches the display to 40 column mode and displays the following text: RP wants to say hello! After this, the virus overwrites part of the hard drive, making the machine unbootable.

 Nümph BETZY, cardigan multicolor.

Unreversable by Masters of of Electric City, 2013. 

Atari ST demo in 96 kilobytes with lots of ASCII, but technically not textmode. youtube.

Carl Andre

A colourful ASCII-gif in a Bandcamp blog post.

By Stylez, 1995. Currently the most popular artist at


Dillmont, Th. de, ed.
D.M.C. Broderies Bulgares. Mulhouse, Dollfus-Mieg & Cie, [c.1920, 30 pgs].

Africa Cotton Ashanti weavings, from the Karun Collection.