By Hillary Jayne for the Font-bot project where two designers build robots with characters from a few fonts.

Ancient patterns, mostly from Peru. via

Teletext character set error Cuatro (spanish TV channel)

Text-Tv pattern from the swedish TV channel TV11

Delaware in the Mirror, 2004.

Taiwaneese ANSI in original, in HTML, and googletranslated into English. The original is Metal Upa by emptie@ptt.

Segment displays. 7, 9, 12 (the car stereo with Baker Street) and 16. All images from Wikipedia.

【なまはげ(Namahage)】The monsters of the Oga Peninsula by = 。= (2007)

Floors in Paris; @parisianfloors on Instagram.

‘Everybody?’ by asciiart (2011)


An ANSI remix of John Whitney’s 1972 work Matrix III by YouTube user skuzzyanimation. The original animation here.

30 days left to the the juicy Resonate festival, where Raquel will talk about her work.

Karl Marx in coloured Amiga ASCII by Lord Nikon.

Movement and Bloody Decision by 911 in the mid 1990s. Taken from the ASCII colly Green Grass of Home. 911 also made jazzy amiga hip hop back then, and is now a well established music as Martyn.

Picture generated with the Mo’Soul font at Ascii Arena, where you can watch ascii the way it looks on Amiga.

The Yeti Sound Machine, the BOOK! by Raquel Meyers (2014)
8.5” x 8.5” Paperback, 35 Pages and full color #PETSCII!
Get your copy at lulu!

The Yeti Sound Machine was performed at La Gaîté lyrique (Paris,2014). The show presents a magical world, that is made with animated text characters (PETSCII) by Raquel Meyers & 8-bit music by Goto80.

Andrew Lloyd

Mark Brand’s ASCII-installation at STRP in Eindhoven, 2015.