Federation Square (2002), a building complex in Melbourne, Australia features the Pinwheel Aperiodic Tiling. Attributed to Charles Radin and based on a construction due to John Conway. They are the first known non-periodic tilings to each have the property that their tiles appear in infinitely many orientations. Via.

Japanese text graphics from this upload by yih6wxrz.

Screenshots from Xevious for Sharp MZ-700. Thanks to C-Men for the tip!

From an MZ-80 game by Hudson. Full video here.

Very textmodey profile by Ivo Brower for All Eyes On Type, a calligraphy and typography festival in Rotterdam in May.


‘Fax & Frankering for Folket’ performance.
Original art by raquel meyers.

Toadie virus (1999).
A relocating virus-worm. It is encrypted and non-memory resident. This virus was posted to several newsgroups as a cell phone cloning application on 15th of August 1999. The virus was in CELLCRK.ZIP file. When the CELLCRK.EXE program that was inside that ZIP is run it displays a rhyme and a copyright string of Symantec.

C64 text graphics and music program faxed into outer space.


‘Fax & Frankering for Folket’ performance.
Original DEFMON and raquel meyers.

chain of snow BBS ad, via.

‘Code Poems’ by Hannah Weiner (1982)

Kuehn, Heinrich
Vereinigte Stickmuster-Verlage Heft No. 757 Berlin, Heinrich Kuehn, [c. 1900], Via.

More χχχ videotext faces from the German TV.


The Washington Times, Washington DC, October 31, 1922

-=[ whales ]=-  by Joan Stark


Genuine program crash on my Apple ][+

I miss when computers could crash this flagrantly.

An Atari 2080ST in ASCII by Valkyrie in the 1990′s. 

(The 2080ST actually existed in Yugoslavia and had a really big floppy eject button.)

Illustration from teleprinter novel Informed Sources by Willard S. Bain (1967)

Annie E. Pettway, Flying Geese variation, ca. 1935;
From the exhibition The Quilts of Gee’s Bend