By CTRL+C & CTRL+V (2006)

From 1882, these graphics were made with 13 symbols (shown at the bottom). This is a modular type called Combination Border No. 16, by Bruce’s New York Type Foundry. A little bit like PETSCII, a little bit more like alpha blox.

Found by Pinwheel Press & thanks to Marcin Wichary for the tip.

Sport Teletext from the TV channel Eurosport Nordic

RAD – RUB A DUB by rAmOn (House of Style)

QWERTY Keyboard Art by Sarah Frost (2011)

Made with the Camlink Vision 500 titler.

via rhizomedotorg

Streaming of the Live audiovisual C64-performance by Raquel Meyers and Goto80 at Dataslöjd @ Simultáneo

By Hillary Jayne for the Font-bot project where two designers build robots with characters from a few fonts.

Kuehn, Heinrich
Vereinigte Stickmuster-Verlage Heft No. 757 Berlin, Heinrich Kuehn, [c. 1900], Via.

Amiga ASCII by Lord Nikon.

Mishneh Torah MS A 77. Northeaster France 1296
fol. II.117r, via


by gerhard rühm

Tablecloth from 1800s (Sweden). Photo by Anders Norrsell.

Chicos del ‪#‎teletexto‬ / Spanish ‪#‎teletext‬ Boys (TV channels Atresmedia + Telecinco)

Tonight at Transmediale – world’s first teletext performance? MIND THE VOLCANO! – a text-based TV-performance by Raquel Meyers and Goto80. Live improvised music, BASIC programming, char-by-char animations and remote control VJing. It’s like a movie book.

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more nice semi-PETSCII from maxcapacity (2012).

The red rabbit by Miss Cross Stitch (Volksgarten, Cologne).

Africa Cotton Ashanti weavings, from the Karun Collection.

extracts from WHAT DOES ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ MEAN TO ME?
by Rusty Foster, 2014