A video of a TRS80 performing audiovisual synthesis some 30 years ago. It’s hard to tell due to the delightfully modern compression, but it seems to be mostly textmode.

Coloredo by Quercetti (1946), a pegboard with its famous multicoloured mushroom-shaped pegs.
The game was inspired by an old French compositional game made of a perforated carton board and a bunch of wooden sticks with colourful wax tops.

Dataslöjd papel picado with petscii drawings

Jindai moji, supposedly used in Japan in the 17th century, via @tkasasagi.

Televerkets Datavision and Videotex screens from the 80s (Sweden).
They were printed on a Shinwa CPA80.

This came from a demoscene place, but I think it came from dump.fm before that, perhaps posted by A Bill Miller? Yep/no.



Custom animated font in DOS.

Excerpt from 5 Biblical Poems by Mac Low, made in 1955 (released in 1968). Made by chance, using the bible. From Words to be Looked at.

Remember – this was before / was cool!

Friendships, by krue for Pixeljam 2014 textmode.

via weaveinallends

werewolf by RJK, via.

This is the Big Bang, sort of. It shows the gravitational waves of the oldest light in the world, discovered by macho science d00ds calling themsevels BICEP2. 

So yeah. Only a textmode-ish style can describe the origin of everything.


By The Summer of Azu (2008)


by endre tót (+)

Nathan Krevolin’s Art Typing.
Published by Pitman in 1967, 8th printing 1974.
Thanks so much to Andrew Belsey for sharing his archive with us.

Detail from Elysium by Alter Ego/ACiD. 

Rosemarie Trockel, Untitled, 1990

Half-tone style graphics from Argentina. Taken from the book Words & buildings: the art and practice of architectural graphics by Jock Kinneir, 1981.