Train Types by Andrew Belsey

Made by people in the Argentinian Pilagá culture in the 1950s, from ANMH.

Palau Nacional in Barcelona made in ASCII (rtf!) by ascii-akr.

χχχ videotext from the German TV channel Sat1.

Originated for RTTY by DOUG / WN0NRK.

By asciiart (2012)

Posted here by painepo.

Godzilla semi PETSCII from maxcapacity (2012).

BUGFIRE aka バグファイヤー †

Typewriter works by Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, mostly from the 1980s. More of her work here.

Madonna and Child ASCII Art, Creative Computing Compendium (Standards for writing graphical programs in BASIC), from the magazine “The Best of Creative Computing Volume 1” (1976), via.

ASCII graffiti animation by Goto80. More here.

Afghan war rugs seems to be a rich but unknown form of weaving. It originates from the times of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, but has continuted through the American occupation aswell. According to Wikipedia:

Little is known about the circumstances of war rugs’ production and distribution, or their makers’ intentions.


By Kludgeonsmith (ASCIIPR0N)

Vinyl mural by Jeremy Quinn, 2007. source

.chainsaw.carnage. by Stylez (1994)

Originated for RTTY by TA0RWH

Facebook text patterns by mammifero, 2013.

Ivan Alexandrov, via.