Various Commodore 64/128 BBS-software from the 80s and 90s.



‘Fax & Frankering for Folket’ performance.
Original by raquel meyers.

A drawing by the pioneering computer artist Masao Komura, from 1968. It’s called Optical Effect of Inequality. (via betonbabe) ) —-___))))

La caja de pandora [2013] by AcidT*rroreast

Various blue music software for DOS: Composer 669 (1992), Multitracker (1993), HSC Tracker (1994), Surprise Adlib Tracker (1995).

Example uses of the VGT228 Plus Colour Video Title Generator

by Videosmithery


IXXI – Loco Tiles by Studio Boot

Quilts and things by Libs Elliot.

Leningrad / Crash virus (1998).
This is a not memory resident benign virus which searches for COM files and infects them by a standard manner. On Friday, 13th it types:

That could be a crash, crash, crash !

Frames from the animation movie ‘The Thief and the Cobbler’ by Richard Williams who work 28 years on the project, beginning production in 1964.
Watch the full movie here.

Group photos. 1 2 3 4

Gelbart – My Favourite Vacation (2001). As of today, all of his albums are available at  Bandcamp. And please don’t miss his ASCII video Please Don’t Use Drugs.

The SCA virus is the first computer virus created for the Commodore Amiga and one of the first to gain public notoriety. It appeared in November 1987. The SCA virus is a boot sector virus. It features a line of text that appears at every 15th copy after a warm reboot:

Something wonderful has happened Your AMIGA is alive !!! and, even better… Some of your disks are infected by a VIRUS !!! Another masterpiece of The Mega-Mighty SCA !!


Elephant Cross Stitch.

Found here.

χχχ shiftjis

Badly compressed JPG2ASCII-conversion by Stevendkay.

Peruvian Cats stitched by ladycyberdemon23. SAL designed by Michelle Garrette of BendyStitchyDesigns.

Falling Down by ness_rivera, 2012

This is Japanese style ASCII ART.
I drew this with the text editor of Mac. 
I love this movie & him!
I am praying that he regain health.


Theo van Doesburg / Press card. May 1917-November 1918.