Very ambitious out-of-grid ASCII-animation for maximizing profit, IBM-style. Business intelligence, yo. Downstream. Made by Critica, 2012.

chakra.txt by Meph

TM cover design by Hans-Rudolf Lutz (1965).

Our text-mode demo Dansa In is showing today at the UCLA Game Art Festival in Los Angeles. 44 kilobytes is enough to tell a good story, aiit? 

A story with pirates, sloths and sex told completely in text graphics. A blocky and brutal visual aesthetic synchronized with explosives, drunken funk and computer screams. All made in 44 kilobytes, to be executed by a Commodore 64 and its colourful ASCII-alternative called PETSCII. Visuals by Raquel Meyers, audio by Goto80 and coding by Johan Kotlinski.

More here. Original C64-executable available here.

Textmode hurdling. Chinese ANSIs from here.

Anti-fascist llamas in Grmmxi’s 2018 ASCII calendar.

Girotel, a videotex banking service for old white men, running on the Dutch Viditel network from 1986. Most images from here.

Ascii Family Portrait from Ari-さん (Ari-san). Created at the CN Tower in Toronto (Canada) in 1978.

Sixe Paredes. “Futurismo Ancestral”. Exhibition at Somerset House in London, via.

abillmiller for glitChicago at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, running until September 28.

Leon & Harper , TULIP TIGRE – Sweatshirt

Nail’s ANSI-version of Tom Waits’ Bone Machine album cover, via sixteencolors.

 [几米]你现在好吗? – 照相本子 BY diven (2011).

By FRRRRAP (2004)

From a 1975 book called Happenting on Travel On, written by Carole Spearin McCauley. Features computer generated text, text graphics, source code, etc. via James Ryan


Fax & Frankering for Folket by Jacob Sikker Remin, Raquel Meyers, and Goto80 (2011, DEMOTEKET).  Otherworldly transmissions with genuine, 20th-century technology defects.  

Most images were made by Raquel Meyers using Commodore 64 text graphics. Others were sent in via the open fax line, mostly by anonymous senders.  Jacob Sikker Remin and Goto80 worked on the project with music and other fax aspects. The music was improvised live on C64.  The collection is available as a 65-page book and viewable on Tumblr /  Flickr.