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Watermark by Mathieu Tremblin, 2013. Made with chalk and stencils.

Black Jack, Mimic Productions. via sixteen colors

Edward Zajec, 1969. Generated with an IBM 1620.

Notation (?) for Yannis Xenakis’ Le Diatope from 1978 that merges sound, light, color and architecture during live performances. h/t Tim Koch

By Jan Anderzén. More here and here.

Thanks to Aegis for the suggestion.

Goggles with ASCII-filter. Made in 2007 by Alexei Shulgin, one of the first net artists in the 1990’s.

Watch the video here

‘Samuel Beckett’ -Will Tomlinson drilled holes in MDF board, from the book The fundamentals of Illustration 2nd Edition by Lawrence Zeegen (2012)

‘zonu’ by asciiart (2011).

By Einar Guðmundsson, via hoploid.

Paddington Station in London did a little ASCII art for christmas. 


To celebrate Sweden’s national day, here’s GIF dishonourment of the flag. Let’s hope the police won’t take it, like they did with the original work from 1967 by baron Carl Johan De Geer. Made by Goto80.

Shift-JIS version of Self-portrait of seven fingers by Marc Chagall, 1913.

Fuck You, from NIRVANAnet(tm), via.

Bob Cobbing, Extra Verse No. 17 (1966).

PETSCII comic from 1983, made on a Vic-20. “The first Finnish comic made on a computer”. Published in Sarjari, issue 9, 1983. Posted by Skrolli here, h/t Markku Reunanen.

PC man by 256art (2010).

Real keyboardists only use 5 buttons and a space. Baudot style! Via.


MABEL No. 46

ASCII Mabel.

ザ・ポーカー †, poker game for MZ-700 (1983)