Cutting edge wind predicition is of course done in textish mode, with a rotating slash/dash that varies in thickness. via

More text visualizations here.

Vestale sous contraintes (exercice ludique en courrier 10) by Yves Trit, Originally from 1992-93. Nudity – watch out! 

Originally a perl program including compressed frames and 3 or 4 lines of code to decompress and play the animation, lost this file but found back an output!


By Filip De Haes – oldschool ascii artist and member of e.g ACiD and Galza.

Hiroshi Kawano, Untitled, 1972, serigraph from the Art Ex Machina portfolio.


Stephansdom aka St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Vienna) from 1160.
The roof is 111 metres (361 ft) long, and covered by 230,000 glazed tiles. The double-headed eagle that is symbolic of the empire ruled from Vienna by the Habsburg dynasty.

Crystal text-mode! These are called Bismuth Crystals.


Teleprinted portrait of Dag Hammarskjöld from 1962. Photo by Jonn Leffmann.

He-man & friends in PETSCII by Mermaid. Released today.

Texttop converts your computer screen into text (coloured block characters) and sends it to you, while you’re on a crappy internet connection somewhere else. Finally you can stream Gangnam Style in the forest! By Thomas Buckley-Houston. h/t: r r mutt

By Christian Lawrence, 2010.

Ivan Alexandrov, via.

Julio Le Parc, acrylic on canvas, 1959. via

Televideo from the Italian TV channel Rai1.

From #teletext to #crosssticth // Thread of Fate by raquel meyers (2014)

Typewriter art by Frederick Carles, 1895. Forgotten pioneer work found by James Ryan.

Made with PETSCII characters and custom colours. By v21:

Incidentally, this is completely inauthentic. The colours I just liked, and it mixes both character sets liberally. Also, it’s a fucking post-process effect in Unity.

Self portrait by Enso, 2013 (via m7kenji)