Density by K.O Götz, 1962. Although technically more similar to pixel graphics, this computer animation looks rather textmode to all the whales in the house.

Slogans of the Free Speech Movement in IBMs punchcards, 1964 (University of California)


“I am a student at the University of California. Please do not fold, spindle or mutilate me.”


原爆ドーム by  CTRL+C & CTRL+V (2007)
Genbaku dome – a dome after the Atomic bomb in Hiroshima, 6th of August, 1945, via

ロールちゃん by 酉さん

‘The Hair Sucks’ by Jaanus Samma (2012)

Tequila is an advanced multipartite virus from 1991. It is notable for its armoring techniques, particularly in the area of decryption.

Welcome to T.TEQUILA’s latest production.
Contact T.TEQUILA/P.o.Box 543/6312 St’hausen/Switzerland. Loving thoughts to L.I.N.D.A
BEER and TEQUILA forever !

Visual identity for the Summer Shows at London College of Communication, by MuirMcNeil. via

Meg Hitchcock works with text characters from religious books. More here and here.

In my creative work I weave together spiritual traditions by cutting up the text of holy books letter by letter and refiguring them to create passages from other holy books.

(via alma alloro)

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Old sketchbook drawings by Jennifer Daniel, via Book by its Covers. h/t: svea rikes lag

Undo [2013] by rexbeng

-=[ calculators ]=- 9/99 by Joan Stark

Graffiti [2004] by Poison

Print magazine, Typewriter Type Issue (1952). Source.

Mirrored cross stitches by sequinsoup



Space Diva by Wile Coyote. It’s a disk directory for C-64, so not all PETSCII characters can be used. Competes in the first “directory art” competition, running until March 31.

punchcard greetings, via


Acid Sex Disco

-=[ gameboy ]=- by Joan Stark