Typewriter works by Lee Etheredge IV, ca 2009.

Works by Joe O’Donnell.

NC-FC2 by Artist(s) Unknown, via sixteencolors.

Hebrew micrography by Elijah Goldstein in Germany, 1898. The text says Jonah and the Midrash Yalkut on Jonah.


[clip removed from youtube]

Live action typewriter art in a video from the 1950s. It’s presented on German TV by a man who is as big as a coffee cup.

AUTOCRACY (1983) by BASIC HOUSE, a game for MZ-700 in Hu-BASIC.


Found on the Internets.

Me Gusta!


generative emoji mandala

Teletext Font style in TV4 (swedish TV channel), page 217 (2013)

Visual identity for the Summer Shows at London College of Communication, by MuirMcNeil. via

Telidon — ‘knowledge at your fingertips!’ (1981) CBC – Watch it here

Paris, mai 1924 (?) by Man Ray, 1924.


Skeletons and Candlesticks

petscii conversion with Playscii

two versions … look for the hearts

It’s so much PETSCII that it’s almost not PETSCII anymore.

The intro screen to the BBS-game Robowar. Uses Atari’s own ascii-standard ATASCII.


ASCII tattoo by Jabba, via. Der Spiegel wrote about his ASCII tattoos in 2008.

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By FRRRRAP (2004)