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Knitted ASCII-scarf from Glitchaus, available here. It’s an Atari ST image file read as a text, displayed with the MS DOS font (code page 437), then knitted.

By Flix, Venezuela 2013.


Poster: GTF/50 Projects. Graphic Thought Facility. 2006

From the exhibition För Text-TV i Tiden (2010) which encouraged people to send in photos of the royal wedding, which was converted into teletext and showed on Swedish teletext.

By JP LeBreton, source

By b’ger (ASCIIPR0N)

Woodcut – Graphic poem 1503.

Embroided fences by Tina Frausin, via Margaret Montreux.

Teletext on 4 (UK) closed, along with Teletext Ltd‘s main service, in 2009.

By test : 2012-06-18 11:34

The Sator Square is a four-way palindrome. It’s atleast 2000 years old and is probably magical to the max. Here it is on a 16/17th century skull. (via hominisaevum)

German gay teletext ads. Photos by Lord Nikon.

Poster for the documentary Pushwagner, via.

Big ASCII print in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by James Athurman.

Rectangles by Josef Hoffmann, designed 1909.


By CTRL+C & CTRL+V (2006)

ASCII by Matt Matthew of Blocktronics, 2017.