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MZ-700 graphics made in 2020 by Ugeo, who writes about each image here.

The first Japanese emoticon, (^_^), was published by Yasushi Wakabayashi in June 1986 on ASCIInet. The user binbou was using the (‾_‾) emoticon around the same time. Japanese emoticons are also called kaomoji. More info here and here.

:-) and :-( were first made on a computer by Scott E. Fahlman in 1982. Some say they date back as long as 1862 or 1648. Also see the PLATO emoticons/emojis from the 1970s, and the Polish vertical emoticons from 1881.

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A thread called Signpost Gentleman, that ends with Signpost Girls who have a lot less clothes.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Works by kurogao, 2024.

MZ-700 graphics made in 2019 by Ugeo, who writes about each image here.

によるイース2オープニングデモ by かねごん, 2018. A five-minute demo in 34 kilobytes, running on the MZ-700. Full video.

Shift-JIS graphics by various aritsts 2021-2023, based on Chiikawa.