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ATASCII in MMoDA, an Atari ST demo by pépé, 2021. Art history converted into multi-screen ATASCII-pictures.

From Ascii Graffiti 2 by Dino, 2021. A huge Amiga ASCII colly of more than 16,000 lines. He developed his own figlet fonts for this.

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Shift-JIS graphics by various aritsts 2021-2023, based on Chiikawa.

PETSCII-works by jab, 2021-2023.

Boreddosapes by mtdos, 2021. Nice combo of blocky fonts and softer tiles.

ATASCII-works by pépé, 2021-2023.

AMCROC by Christwoballs, 2021. AMSCII in 20×25 textmode for the Amstrad CPC. Competed in Amstrad ASCII Compo 2021.