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From Ascii Graffiti 2 by Dino, 2021. A huge Amiga ASCII colly of more than 16,000 lines. He developed his own figlet fonts for this.

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Amiga ASCII by Dino, while he was in the infamous Skywalkers graffiti crew. From various collies 2000-2002.

Dino cards – printed with LEGO pieces as letterpress. Made by Roy Scholten and Martijin van der Blom, 2017. via printmag

ASCII cover by Erik Jäähalli (Dino) for his split cassette with Flacid: Analog space music 4 aliens.

Entries by Jucke, Dino, Abba, Taper, Maktone and Goto80 for the Floppy 2005 PETSCII (C/G) competition

C64 BBS graphics by Dino, posted on Antidote in 2004.

From the C64 BBS Antidote, which is still running after 20 years. These graphics (made by for example Jucke, Poison and Dino) were posted in the C/G (character graphics) area in 2003/2004. Log in to Antidote via telnet and check for yourself!

Monkey power! via monkeypunchdinosaur.

Baroque Floppy People – royal antique monockeldata. In the dirty Helltown south in Sweden. Fresh PETSCII graphics by Jucke, Dino and Poison.
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