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Formula PETSCII, a C64-demo by Performers, 2022.

ATASCII in MMoDA, an Atari ST demo by pépé, 2021. Art history converted into multi-screen ATASCII-pictures.

From Ascii Graffiti 2 by Dino, 2021. A huge Amiga ASCII colly of more than 16,000 lines. He developed his own figlet fonts for this.

More Dino posts here.

From See Sharp, an MZ-700 demo by Fit, 2011. Full video here.

From Kiiritti Pätsi, an MZ-700 demo by Up Rough and Flush, 2017.

Diamond Fever

Diamond Fever, C64 PETSCII by Deekay, 2024.

PETSCII-works by jab, 2021-2023.

AMSCII-works by Jab, Illarterate and Rexbeng for the Amstrad AMSCII compos 2022 and 2023.

C64 PETSCII by Worrior1, 2023.

Feelgood and Morph. C64 disk directory art by jab, who used to make ANSI-graphics.