Ken Morley made text-mode animations on the PET-computers. Here’s two from 1979. Phuzzy & Wuzzy go to the moon, is similar to the earlier The Canadians make it to the moon! aka Flight, released in Cursor #12, 1979. A trip to Hawaii (1979) was released in Cursor #15. See the C64-version here.

Knight rider by Limbo, 1993. Amiga demo with PETSCII.

Isidro Ferrer.

The Chinese site is back again after 2 years of silence with a post to celebrate the new monkey year.

The URL has an endless horse in coloured ASCII. Scroll a while, scroll forever!

Made by Colleen Josephson for the Stupid Hackathon. via boingboing

MAXHEAD2, a Max Headroom ANSI animation with speech synthesis from 1986. Executable available here. Unknown author.

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Amiga-ASCII-a-go-go! This exhibition in Cologne just started.

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Typewriter art, only using the characters , – ( ) . ; if we’ve understood correctly. By time-for-a-memory.

PETSCII-VERSION of Bonnie Pointer’s Free Me From My Freedom by v5mt, 2010.

<mthw>, via.

Clip from Rheingold – Computer Beat, 1984. YouTube. h/t: despens 

By Crapestry aka Theo Humphries

Nonograms are picture logic puzzles in which cells in a grid must be colored or left blank according to numbers at the side of the grid to reveal a hidden picture. Pics from the swedish magazine ‘Japanska bildpuzzel’ nº6 (2011)


This is what Tumblr considers to be pr0n. These posts were flagged back in December, when Tumblr started removing pr0n. None of them were removed, though. But this one was:

Check out the blasphemy.

So most of the sexty stuff got away with it. Another win for text-mode!

Insanity by the Electronic Wizard, 1990. Published by Wizard Games. “A game to A-MAZE, astound and drive you completely INSANE!!!!”.

Roger Coqart works, 1982-2010. The diptychs are photos and computer prints, the others were painted by hand. The first photo of him is from 1983, and the one at the bottom is from 2010. He works in Brussels. 

(thx to Prosthetic Knowledge)

Elemental Canyon, via.

From 256arts (2010).

By LePole


Typerformance (1983)