Ancient baskets, mostly from Peru. via

Emoticon Calendar by Brigada Creativa

ITAF 2013 In ORF TELETEXT Page 471

Participating artists: LIA, Manuel Knapp, UBERMORGEN, Daniel Egg, Marc Lee, Raquel Meyers, Kathrin Günter, Max Capacity, Dragan Espenschied, Jarkko Räsänen, Seppo Renvall, Juha van Ingen, Cordula Ditz, John Lawrence and Goto80.

Jim Lambie likes tape.


This came from a demoscene place, but I think it came from before that, perhaps posted by A Bill Miller? Yep/no.

Mosaic works by Charis Tsevis. Plenty of more similar works at Do you spot all the 8-bit references?

Page from ‘Snap Shots’ by Mary Beams. Made with Norpak Telidon terminal in the early 80s.

German teletexxxt, with photos supplied by Lord Nikon.

Because Tumblr needs more luxury! Via.

Space Harrier, text mode version. For the Japanese computer Sharp MZ-700. Check the full video.

Kawasaki Synthesizer for C64, made by the Japanese jazz musician Ryo Kawasaki in 1983. Graphics partly made in petscii.

Hiroshi Kawano, Untitled, 1972, serigraph from the Art Ex Machina portfolio. has a logo made completely in text, so you can select it and do this. All night long.

【京都大原「三千院」】”Ohara Sanzenin” in KYOTO by = 。= (2007)

By Matt Hammill for the online text adventure game Guilded Youth. Thanks to Matt for sharing the GIF-files!

The First Ball [2013] by Fit. Released at ZOO 2013.
Watch the full demo here.

A piece of code that looks like a Mandelbrot fractal, and actually renders a Mandelbrot fractal in hi-res. A modern form of calligram, perhaps.

via weblingus. More: Python ascii art runs mandelbrot fractal

Ray Manta has started to work with custom character sets on the C64. Technically speaking (character encoding) this is all PETSCII, but…

Images from here and here.

ASCII Illuminati by MJP, via Laura Brown. Watch the original in web text mode here.