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Fukuzawa Yukichi. source

By missher.

pr0n80 from ASCIIPR0N, via.

A Poem to Philip Glass by Barrie Tullett (2011).
The book is a typographic response to the music of Philip Glass.

Videotex article in the swedish magazine ‘Mikrodatorn’ nº5 (1983)

meic stephens

Two sort of textmodey place brands: Turkey and the city of Porto.


Pixel Smut 1 (2012) By Max Capacity. Paperback book, 21 Pages

VTG-01 – a low-budget kit to overlay text on video. Just plug in an IBM keyboard and you were good to go in 1999.

Made by David L. Jones.

Russian typewriter art from the 1930′s made by Elena Rebinder, who was married with the famous chemist Piotr Rebinder. Scanned by Prozhito. h/t: Gleb Albert.

Shift-JIS via youkaiofdusk.

By Delaware, 2005. »

PETSCII graphics by Autoboy, posted on the Antidote BBS in 2003/2004.

ASCII gifs by vanessavanalstyne.


Nearly finished the new release … And here is another #buddhist #monk for you in #Amiga #ASCII / #asciiart / #textmode / #ansi

Eduard Ovčáček

七龍珠之交大炸蝦節 – some kind of poo makes poo poo on the North Pole in Chinese ANSI. Aka Dragon Ball Jiaotong University fried shrimp festival.

Weird Soviet segment display fonts from the 1980′s, via Matt Sarnoff.

Here’s a challenge for you: make an ASCII-version of all your site’s images in their ALT-tags. (or, who makes the script?)

via Laura Brown

Star Wars stuff posted by illiorzilli here.