Karl Marx in coloured Amiga ASCII by Lord Nikon.

Tibetan Woven Artwork from the Vajra Collection

*** PETSCII portraits *** by raquel meyers

A Star Trek episode created on a Commodore 64 using the machine’s built-in character graphics by James Gaither in 1986.
The soundtrack was added to a recorded videotape.
Watch the full video here

GOD channel, 2001, via

’35 Years of ORF TELETEXT‘ in Ars Electronica Center (Linz) with works from ITAF 2013 and 2014.
Artists: Daniel Egg, Dan Farrimond, LIA, Raquel Meyers, Goto80, Nadine Arbeiter, Kathrin Günter, Cordula Ditz, Dragan Espenschied, Juha van Ingen, Jarkko Räsänen, Kim Asendorf, Michael Borras aka Systaime, Internet Acronyms: Anne Horel and Erkka Nissinen.

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Prestel (abbrev. from press telephone), the brand name for the UK Post Office’s Viewdata technology, was an interactive videotex system developed during the late 1970s and commercially launched in 1979.
Terminal/demonstration at the National Museum of Science & Industry

Yeep!Eep!Eep! (2010) by Daniel Temkin

Backseat Releases
– Orlingo “One Time Too Much” 7 inch (2003)
– Mortimer “Ageema Blues” 7 inch (2003)

by Michael Arnett, via.

Even more χχχ-teletext pages from La Sexta (Spanish TV channel), 2012. Hebrew-improved.

Tweets by Margar!dA, 2014.

Rug by Pierre Cardin, Origin: Spain, Circa: Early 20th Century, via

David Bowie via kiss-my-shades.

Badly compressed JPG2ASCII-conversion by Stevendkay.


typewriter-portraits by leslie nichols

Written graphics from 1892. First two by T.F. Adams, the next one by Frank Baunelle, and the final one by an unknown artist. via James Ryan.