Zoologischer Garten U Bhan, Berlin

Lego flamingos from here and there and everywhere.


Some fun Japanese stamps restocked, incl. the popular Faces Stamp for expressing any emotion on paper. 


Bedcover from 1219 (Sweden), via.

Half-tone style graphics from Argentina. Taken from the book Words & buildings: the art and practice of architectural graphics by Jock Kinneir, 1981.

Heal the World BBS ad, via.

A phone performing an audiovisual demo. Made by Работа №3 and presented at Chaos Constructions. Full video here. h/t: Ray Manta


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C64 PETSCII by Electric, b, Electric, Exotic Men, and Dr TerrorZ. From the competitions at the Zoo demoparty in Finland.

SpankSCII by Lordnkon.

Romeo and Juliet by Charles R Cannoni, from here.

Another Kafka. This one in block ASCII by B5/SAC.


by gerhard rühm

Frank Singleton’s typewriter art at Rust Belt Books

Telesoftwaredownloaded from teletext to your own computer. BBC regularly offered new software for a couple of years, up until 1989.

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A belt from ca 1680, symbolizing a treaty between the north American Turtle Clan and William Penn, who said “We meet on the broad pathway of good faith and good-will; no advantage shall be taken on either side”.

Not sure how well that worked out… Also, seems like the belt was copyrighted in 1905.