-=[ octopus ]=- 9/97 by Joan Stark

The latest news from Facebook @ Antena 3’s teletext (hebrew remix). Yeah!

Sunday by Helmut Zenker (1971)

The Walker virus (1998) causes an old man, which happens to be a sprite ripped out of the game Bad Street Brawler, to walk across the screen at regular intervals, interrupting any work being done on the PC.


Jessie Thatcher: Plastic Grid I

Anni Albers (1899-1994), Study for Camino Real, 1967

The Sysop is busy at Cottonwood BBS, via Dan James.

By Matt Hammill for the online text adventure game Guilded Youth. Thanks to Matt for sharing the GIF-files!

From the hebrew version of the book Computers and How They Work (1967). This page explains the IBM punch card, it seems. Sent to us by Alma Alloro, thanks!

It’s unclear why it says ‘hormo lotion’ on the master item card. (edit) As every burger points out every time, it says ESTROgen HORMOne LOTION.

RTTY Playboy, via.

Notes from the Cosmic Typewriter
The Life and Work of Dom Sylvester Houédard

Edited by Nicola Simpson. Occasional Papers (2012).

Cite de Design – a solar powered design center in Paris.

Jennifer Daniel’s ASCII-illustration for the New York Times (November 2015) and a typewriter piece. More here and on http://ift.tt/1M83XHw

Cross sea at Île de Ré, France. The waves of two weather systems meet and create a dangerous grid.


Viditel Jobdata

Quilt by Lureca Outland ((Robert & Helen Cargo Collection).)

Computer keyboard and typewriter rings by Tastaturschmuck, who’s been doing this for a long time.