Josef Hoffmann, Adler, 1910, fabric sample.

Foucault by Kohei Sugiura from Koichi Toyosaki, Suna no Kao (Face on the Sand), Ozawa Shoten, 1975. h/t: Takashi Kawano

Servizio Videotex, picture by Lorenzo

‘So, what are you telling me?’ ‪#‎PETSCII‬ released at ‪#‎Gubbdata‬ 2015 by AcidT* /

chain of snow BBS ad, via.


ANSI cat by kyp / Black Maiden, 2001.

M30W [2013] by Leon

Sexting Videodrome by Andrew Rosinski (2010).

German teletexxxt, with photos supplied by Lord Nikon.

Convert images to teletext at the German site teletexttheworld.

Teletext love club at Tele 5 (spanish TV channel)

Roger Coqart works, 1982-2010. The diptychs are photos and computer prints, the others were painted by hand. The first photo of him is from 1983, and the one at the bottom is from 2010. He works in Brussels. 

(thx to Prosthetic Knowledge)


Code displaying 42 computes Code displaying 42 that outputs Equation outputting 42:

Oma means grandmother.

Videotext from the German TV channel Viva.

Braille Karaoke developed in Japan, via

From ANSIArt of China Expo (ACE2013), August 7, 2013. Featuring Chinese ANSI from various artists, aswell as western ANSIs from Blocktronics. Pictures from here and hereAlso check these two videos.

We have featured some of these works before here.

DIY cross-stitch cookies by Jessica Decker & Megan of Take a Megabite, via

Ad for Cheese Line, a Swiss Amiga BBS. Sort of looks like a Figlet font.

Pedobear is an Internet meme that became popular through the imageboard 4chan. As the name suggests, it is portrayed as a pedophilic bear.