Radio amateurs using the 1930s Hellschreiber format. Pics from Peter Manson’s slow scan TV page. Nice page, also with details for each picture above, like:

Hellschreiber QSO between Jean-Claude in Lille, F3CF and Dima in Moscow, RX3AGD, 25th January 2007, 2010UTC, 7MHz band.

peter kubelka‘s “arnulf rainer” (1960).

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Breezeblocks, via ritahello.

Looks like Glitchr has outdone himself on Twitter


LEF II/6 (1924) [ЛЕФ] (1924), the journal of the Left Front of the Arts.

Kumamon (Yuru-chara)

Sabrina Gschwandtner, from here and here.

Fukuzawa Yukichi. source

Exploring the world, videotex-stylee. Via.

RTTY χχχ by Unknown

Painted cloth from the 1950s, attributed to a member of the Chama culture in Peru. via AMNH

Weaving Sample Warps by Judie Eatough (2006)


Reinhard Voigt, Porträt A.H., 1969 
Pixel art before pixel art – part of a current German exhibition at the Kunstmuseum entitled “Rasterfahndung” exploring the importance of the grid in contemporary art. More about the exhibition (in German) here

Texttop converts your computer screen into text (coloured block characters) and sends it to you, while you’re on a crappy internet connection somewhere else. Finally you can stream Gangnam Style in the forest! By Thomas Buckley-Houston. h/t: r r mutt

This is the Big Bang, sort of. It shows the gravitational waves of the oldest light in the world, discovered by macho science d00ds calling themsevels BICEP2. 

So yeah. Only a textmode-ish style can describe the origin of everything.


Four geometric compositions by André Durenceau (1904). Via.

Programming in hieroglyphics using Haskell and Unicode. By Nadim Kobeissi.

a:f aka Andreas Freise

#Teletext Monster Girl / T-shirt by Raquel Meyers, available at society6.