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From Ascii Graffiti 2 by Dino, 2021. A huge Amiga ASCII colly of more than 16,000 lines. He developed his own figlet fonts for this.

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Amiga ASCII by Dino, while he was in the infamous Skywalkers graffiti crew. From various collies 2000-2002.

Devious Dezigns, Amiga ASCII logo in Shaman by Dvize, 1990s.

Topaz Unicode by Screwtape, 2024. Adds a rich set of Unicode characters to the default Amiga 500 font, and offers it as a TTF-font. New characters include

  • all the Windows Glyph List 4 characters, including Cyrillic, Greek, and the MS-DOS CP437 symbols
  • everything in the Box Drawing Unicode block
  • everything in the Block Elements Unicode block
  • a lot of things in the Symbols for Legacy Computing Unicode block
  • anything else that caught my eye or seemed useful

The font is available as TTF at GitLab.

h/t: Ne7

From Douche Ex Machina by Goto80, 2024.

262 (aka Technodemo) by Limbo, 1993. They made more Amiga demos with PETSCII.

Amiga ASCII by Hellbeard, 2014. Taken from New Horizons (for Impure 1940) and To build a fire (and keep it going) (for Divine Stylers).

Performing ASCII Surgery. Amiga ASCII by Abstrakt. Via asciiarena.se