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The ZZT-game Mario Bros by Bill Meeks, 1995. via worldsofzzt

From ASCII-demo by Paranoids. MS-demo, 1995.

INTERNET ANSI by MJBDiver, 1995.

Kermit was a computer communication project at Columbia University 1981-2011. This image is from the Kermit 95 Gallery:

This is an ancient Heath-19 terminal “graphics” demo. It looks a bit rough in Lucida Console, but that’s only because it does not contain the Heath-19 special graphics characters, which were not added to Unicode until Unicode 3.1, and will take some time to find their way into Unicode fonts such as Lucida Console and Courier New.

Teletex pages from Channel 4 and ITV (1995), via.

Welcome Screens, and User Information from the Unauthorised Access (UA) BBS of the UK (1995), via.

Just Some Ascii’s by Mogue (1995)

s p a w n ¡ n g by Stylez(1995)