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One of the works from Wæveform, by Paul Prudence, 2024. More posts.

Jupiter Ace, a British computer from 1982. It used Forth instead of BASIC and it could display more text characters on the screen than most of its competitors (64×48 compared to the more common 40×24). It used the same font as ZX Spectrum.

Typewriter works by Robin Tomens, 2024.

Prextend was an improvement of the graphics on Prestel. Colours and font size could now be changed without including an empty character (just like with Minitel/Antiope). via

Picture Prestel was an experimental feature of the videotex service Prestel. It was demonstrated in 1980, while Prestel was already struggling to attract users. Meanwhile, videotex inventions with better graphics started to emerge. Telidon and NAPLPS had vector graphics, Minitel had better textmode graphics, and CAPTAIN had photographics.

Picture Prestel was never really meant to be implemented, at least not until the end of the 80s.

Images from here and here (a great video explainer).

US-A by John J. Sharkey, 1969. Sharkey edited Mindplay: An anthology of British concrete poetry, available at archive.org.

Parity Cascade. Typewriter work by Paul Prudence, 2024.

Works by Nigel Cottier from his Instagram. h/t: TYPE01

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Postcodes around London by Nigel Cottier since 2019. From his Instagram. Similar to his Letter Variations fonts.

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Letterform Variations, a set of 10 variable fonts and a book by Nigel Cottier, 2021.

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