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One of the works from Wæveform, by Paul Prudence, 2024. More posts.

Clip from a work by Alicia Guo published in CURSOR magazine, 2024. “a day where your attention is constantly shifting”

Works by Abi Rama (Lykerex), 2024, using modified PETSCII.

Works by Bleatnik, 2024.

PETSCII by PunksDistorted, 2024. Uses the PET-font, not C64.

QLOCK – a tiny program (321 bytes) by Martin Kleppe that shows the time, while also displaying its own source code. Learn more here and run it here. We featured a similar work by Kleppe 10 years ago.

(This is called a quine, but here it’s also called code calligram)

Live visuals for Machinedrum by Strangeloop. Currently touring North America.

Typewriter works by Robin Tomens, 2024.

A thread called Signpost Gentleman, that ends with Signpost Girls who have a lot less clothes.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯