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A very bold character, a short textmode game for the browser by Adel Faure, 2024.

Teletext decoder test on national Czech TV, Česká Televize, 2024. One in ten Czechs accessed ČT1 teletext in 2009, according to this report. ČT announced a new teletext service in 2010 and launched “HD teletext” (HbbTV) the following year, while still keeping the oldschool one.

Topaz Unicode by Screwtape, 2024. Adds a rich set of Unicode characters to the default Amiga 500 font, and offers it as a TTF-font. New characters include

  • all the Windows Glyph List 4 characters, including Cyrillic, Greek, and the MS-DOS CP437 symbols
  • everything in the Box Drawing Unicode block
  • everything in the Block Elements Unicode block
  • a lot of things in the Symbols for Legacy Computing Unicode block
  • anything else that caught my eye or seemed useful

The font is available as TTF at GitLab.

h/t: Ne7

From Douche Ex Machina by Goto80, 2024.

ASCII Theater by the American art collective MSCHF, 2024. An easy way to look at ANSI-versions of movies in the terminal. Today streaming Barbie, tomorrow Hereditary! From their Instagram-post:

ASCII Theater plays movies as text, directly in Terminal. A single line of code begins playing a new movie every day, like a pirate radio broadcast. The movies are rendered not as video but as colored text characters – every frame can be copied and pasted as a giant string of letters.

There is a long internet tradition of hacks to stream content online, and the resulting workarounds become creatively expressive. That kid who streamed NBA games in the reflection of his sunglasses on Twitch is a hero.

ASCII Theater is now live, streaming a new movie every day until we get shut down.

via kottke.org. Browse our terminal tag.

Ahmad Moussa (Gorilla Sun), 2024.

Self-portraits rendered in the code used to generate the images, by Eric Furst, 2024 (aka Eric Fischer). More details here.

More code calligrams.