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ASCII by Arleka (aka Arlequin) for HPM-03, 2023.

Two faces from the new Impure 85 art pack. The large one by Prismate (de) and the small one by Lavaramano (ar).

In the 1960s, Eduardo Joselevich and Fanny Fingerman developed a technique to represent images with only four symbols. Full blocks or circles, in either black or white. They called it Fototrama and it was used at Olivetti and Philips for example.

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Half-tone style graphics from Argentina. Taken from the book Words & buildings: the art and practice of architectural graphics by Jock Kinneir, 1981.

Paintings by Julio Le Parc, 1970-1974.

Julio Le Parc Serie 38 #1, 1970

Espantapájaros by Oliverio Girondo, 1932, via.