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Vera Molnar, Lignes parallèles (Cycle ‘A la recherche de Paul Klee’), 1971, Centre Pompidou, Paris (photo: Georges Meguerditchian) via writing-machines

Typographische Monatsblätter nr 11, by Wolfgang Weingart 1970.

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 “ComputERR” by Alex Toth (1970) ‪#‎punchcard‬ comic!

Beethoven today, Bob Cobbing (1970).
From the book “Typewriter Art” (1975), edited by Alan Riddell.

Julio Le Parc Serie 38 #1, 1970

Agnes Denes, photographed in the context of Dialectic Triangulation, posing together with The R.E.S.I.S.T.O.R.S, who programmed her work. They say:

We were also supposed to progam another project for another artist, Agnes Denes, but she didn’t understand how computers worked and designed what was basically just an animated movie, with little interaction, and too complex for us to program.

Mullions by Richard Kostelanetz (1970), Via.

χχχ braille. Playboy started making these in 1970. A Tumblr-hit!

Untitled by Hansjörg Mayer, A Mnemonic Wallpaper Pattern for Souther Two Seaters by Jonathan Williams, Estrangement by Václav Havel and The Golden Message by Mathias Goeritz.

From Concrete Poetry: a World View, 1970. Post updated in 2024.


“基” by niikuni seiichi (1970)

土: land, earth…
基: foundation, base

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