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Typewriter works by Egidija Čiricaitė, 2023. Images from her Twitter.

WEAVING PATTERNS FOR POETRY by Egidija Čiricaitė, 2023. Part of the TYPEWRITTEN series from psw gallery.

Typoglifs by Karl Kempton, from his website.

By Karl Kempton and Loris Essary. Selections from WIRED, made with typewriter and letraset 1985-1986, according to RENEGADE.

Other Kempton works here.

“[pierre/鳩]” [rock/pigeon]

“[coq/桜]” [cock/cherry blossom]

“Shizu me ru tera 沈める寺” [Sinking Temple]

All works by Niikuni Seiichi & Pierre Garnier, 1966-1977, taken from Interlingual Encounter in Pierre Garnier and Niikuni Seiichi’s French-Japanese Concrete Poetry by Elaine S. Wong, 2015.


From Fun With Your Typewriter, a book by Madge Roemer from 1956. Half of the book consists of detailed instructions on how to produce the works, sort of like software for humans. We covered the book back in 2012 but since then the book has been made available on archive.org thanks to Marcin Wichary. <3

Typewriter works by Frank Singleton, 2023.

Typewriter works by Frank Singleton, 2023.

Flower Maze. Typewriter work by Frank Singleton, 2023. “This is a solvable maze with one solution. You can move between words but not between letters in a word. Don’t trample the flowers. I overtyped various letters to create 74 flower textures in 9 colors.” source