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Southwest Technical’s 6800 computer and the CT-64 terminal, and a photo of its 64×16 textmode. Launched in 1975. First image from Creative Computing and second one from here.

Article in Popular Electronics 1974 to build an ASCII-compatible keyboard for 40 USD. Posted on archive.org as Apple documentation, so this was presumably used for the Apple I.

From a 1975 book called Happenting on Travel On, written by Carole Spearin McCauley. Features computer generated text, text graphics, source code, etc. via James Ryan

LetraTime, a German magazine from 1975. This cover won ITC’s first Upper and Lower Case International Typographics Competition.

More info. h/t: Tim Koch

2024-update: Christof Gassner seems to the be designer.

Foucault by Kohei Sugiura from Koichi Toyosaki, Suna no Kao (Face on the Sand), Ozawa Shoten, 1975. h/t: Takashi Kawano

Luis Arambilet’s ASCII created in 1975 with punched cards 80 columns and IBM 370-115 CPU.

Archeological maps from 1975. A good way of visualizing spatial and other information simultaneously, and obviously a forerunner to both text adventure maps and modern cartography, as noted here.

Also check typewriter maps, fat font for text mode infovis & the virus map.


Typewriter art by Ian Parberry 1975, partly using overstriking.

Here is my first attempt. It’s made from four sheets of typing paper glued together. If you look close up, it’s made using just a few letters including M, I, and M overstruck with X or $ to get the darkest shade approaching black.

The original source is borked, but this is more recent page. (Updated 2024)

Carl Andre, then I pulled his gun and I, 1975. Via.