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Turkish teletext pages shown after hours on Show TV, taken from this video. Unknown year.

Teletext pages from Extravision, an Antiope teletext service on KNXT-TV in Los Angeles (owned by CBS). These black & white photos are from the early trials, ca 1981. The full Extravision service began in 1983.

Ad for the RCTI’s teletext (teleteks) service. Launched in 1994, it was the first teletext service in Indonesia.

Editing teletext pages for Radio Television Ljubljana, 1986. It became the first Yugoslavian teletext in 1984, although there were trials already in 1980. More info, photos and videos here.

Teletext works by Wim Dewijngaert, 2023.

Pr0n stuff from the Croatian teletext service NOVA ca 2015, from here.

The Czech TV-channel Prima had quite a particular style for their teletext, before it shut down in 2020. They had three teletext channels, which were all available online: Prima, Prima Cool and Prima Love (later renamed Prima Krimi).

The Teletext museum has older examples (from 2002 or earlier). Note that the Czech characters are not shown correctly.

Ads for the American service Time Teletext (1981-1983).

New Zealand teletext caught in a bad moment, probably 1985. See the full video.

ExtraVision was an American teletext service on CBS, 1983-1988. It didn’t use the British WST teletext standard, but the French Antiope, which was eventually swallowed by the American NABTS standard.***

ExtraVision was featured in the book Teletext: Its Promise and Demise by Leonard R. Graziplene. Image from here.