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South Africa’s teletext service, Teledata, which apparently had an effective crime fighting section. Teledata was launched in 1985 and not well updated after 1999. The last weather screen was still there in 2014… Images from a post by Carin Bevan.

Ad campaign by thjnk for the German teletext service ARDText when it celebrated 33 years in 2014. They also made teletexttheworld.com that converted uploaded photos to teletext graphics.

More images in an older post.

Петербургского телетекста (Petersburg teletext) was broadcasted in St Petersburg, Russia 1992-2017.

KOINS, a Korean teletext service on KBS TV was originally launched in January 1990, but was re-launched 18 August, 1990 according to this news segment. A year later, it was announced that the decoder hardware was delayed, so KBS made the service available through computers, according to this news segment.

Also see the Korean MBC teletext.

High quality GIF of capture of high quality VHS-recording of the teletext of Alter TV of Greece. Greets to Aggelos TV idents and promos! \o

Russian teletext on Channel 31, Moscow, 1996, via coub

Russian teletext from Channel One, 2017-2019. (I have no idea what the text says)

From СИСТЕМА ТЕЛЕТЕКСТ, a document about the Russian teletext standard GOST R 50861-96 from 1996 (updated in 2017). It almost looks like it was drawn by hand?

Zapzilla is a teletext browser for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD. It lets you browse and save teletext pages, and supports all the (WST) graphics standards and character sets. Also adds features like clickable links. It was mainly developed by Michael H. Schimek in the 2000’s.

The Payam Network, Iran’s teletext service, was launched in 1995. It was in English at first, but after creating new fonts, software and decoders, it was launched in Farsi three years later. It was shut down in 2015, according to this.