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Typewriter works by Dirk Krecker. Blut (2008), Euro Fighter (1997) and Pattern Recognition (2012).

Marilyn Monroe flip book made with barcodes from DVDs of her movies, by Scott Blake 2012. Video here, GIF here.

An anonymous novel written on the walls of an abandoned house in Chongqing, China (2012)

Big ASCII from an HTC ad shot in São Paulo, Brazil 2012. Video here.

‘The Hair Sucks’ by Jaanus Samma (2012)

By BJ Alumbaugh, 2012. h/t: internet-shaman

Photos of buildings. Automonuments by Niz Rozenberg.

Cross Stitch Wrap Printables (2012), via.

Journey man nº3 ZX81 print out by Lee Osborne via 8oo8oo8.

The intro to Clannad After Story converted into shift-JIS ASCII. Seems to use something similar to the structure-based conversion of this.