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MZ-700 graphics made in 2008-2009 by Ugeo, who writes about each image here and here.

Typewriter works by Dirk Krecker. Blut (2008), Euro Fighter (1997) and Pattern Recognition (2012).

Wii-advertising in Chinese ANSI.


AAでスマブラX[Vol.2] マリオ(モナー)VSクマーVSジサクジエン


See how EtheralHalo draws ASCII live, in the Japanese Shift-JIS standard.

Goto80 live at ZXZW festival 2008, with text-mode titler visuals (CamLink?).

…new year? London public transport, 2008. Photo: Jonty Wareing

Bleeding Kansas – This Song Will F**k You. Music video by Moses Venegas, 2008. Plays with grid size and resolution.

Character encoding on the www. Unicode became the most popular standard in 2008 and four years later 60% of all web pages indexed by Google used Unicode. Also interesting to note that Chinese encoding has been doing a sine wave since 2007.