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ANSI works by emptie@ptt in normal and HTML-botched states.

Taiwaneese ANSI in original, in HTML, and googletranslated into English. The original is Metal Upa by emptie@ptt.

Drawing with HTML, from this 2007 YouTube-clip with a fitting soundtrack.


Hackers hack Mr.Robot: http://ift.tt/1Xii2eX

Nice n’ sloppy ASCII art style.

The same web page displayed in different browsers. The so called Acid2 test checks the browser’s support for eg Unicode, HTML and CSS. All these are failed attempts.

Do you pass the Acid2 test?

From the site for the wedding of Emma Davidson (aka Lektrogirl) and Paul B. Davis, 2004. The marriage might be over, but the site lives on!

Another example of ASCII-advertising. A video of Gisele Bündchen & her underwear has been converted to ASCII and runs as animated text in the browser.

Watch it here.


From Andy Deck – ASCII jam (2001). A software that anyone can use to make and publish anonymous ASCII art. it’s still being used today, as you can see here.

FYI, Kanye West’s website’s source says YEEZUS, using this FIGlet font.

More figlets here + see HTML welcomemats.

Flickr was looking for new coders. So they put job postings in their HTML source code in May 2013. More