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Works by Vivek Thakker, 2022-2024. via TYPE01

Retrogame Issues, a short film by Barcelona-based All In Pixel, 2023. It was made in lvllvl using PETSCII (and some other character sets in the face glitch animation).

From Kiiritti Pätsi, an MZ-700 demo by Up Rough and Flush, 2017.

Genesis Storytime picture

Genesis StoryTime picture #2

Genesis StoryTime was a videotex storybook that was broadcast in Canada and USA, 1983-1990. The Telidon graphics were converted to video and broadcast like a regular TV-channel, usually without sound. Images and video from Tedium.

PETSCII by Max Capacity, 2011.

Clips from works by Genresis, 2024. See them in full here.

によるイース2オープニングデモ by かねごん, 2018. A five-minute demo in 34 kilobytes, running on the MZ-700. Full video.

Leoniads Wants a Spear, a browser game by Karu & Adel Faure, 2019 using Adel’s Jgs font. More posts.